SEO As A Marketing Tool

We have been looking at the different forms of Advertising and Marketing in our recent posts. As we have seen, there are a number of different tyes of advertising. But perhaps the most valuable is free advertising. This can be word-of-mouth or different types.

We’ll look at some of those different types over time but today I want to consider a special form; the business you can get from the front page of Google As you no doubt know being on the front page of Google means being seen by a lot of people. And not just any people, these are people who are looking for the product or service you sell. Being seen by them translates into sales.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of deliberately trying to get to that front page. This is a process that can be achieved for specific searches and you can hire a company to do it for you. There are a number of agencies around the world that focus on SEO.


One I have dealt with is based in Cork, Ireland Asterion SEO is an SEO services company that deals with clients around the world. They focus on what they describe as “moving your store from the Sahara to Times Square.” Implied in this is the fact that you can choose strategies that will get you to the location you want to be.  How is this possible? Well that’s a complex strategy that is outside the scope of this post. But lets assume it is possible to decide this and get to that front page. What will that do for your business?


I think we can agree that it will make a big difference. The comparison to the move from the Sahara to Times Square is very descriptive. Getting that passing traffic (but in Googles case it’s not just passing traffic but traffic that’s looking for your product) is powerful. Suddenly you see sales – and it’s sales that you don’t have to keep advertising for; there was just an initial cost for the move.


Every sale is now achieved without any spend on advertising. And if it’s any good then the sales generated from Google also add word-of-mouth promotion.


Brian O’Connell who founded Asterion SEO says that getting to the front page is achieveable – but takes time and, depending on the searches you want to get found for, can take some money. But doesn’t have to be. He says that you should consider it a long-term investment


Personally I find this to be the best and most pwoerful form of advertising. Many people claim that free traffic is not good because you don’t control the volume and can’t scale it. But that’s not the point. All businesses require a core income stream that acts as a base. Once you have that then you can decide to take paid ads later. But having that core is essential as a floor from which to grow and scale.

Like all other free traffic sources SEO is a powerful tool and one that should be considered by all. We’ll take a look at the other free sources soon.


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