Pokemon Go: Making The Phenomenon Work For Your Business

Of course you know what Pokemon Go is. But just how popular is it? And how can you turn it to your advantage?   First lets look at searches for Pokemon. The chart below shows the number of searches on Google for “Pokemon”

Pretty dramatic isn’t it? And this is not just one country. In fact it spreads the world where the game has been released.



So there is plenty of interest but did you realise just how fanatical people are and how out of their way they will go to catch a Pokemon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9LZZugYUmg All very interesting but how can it benefit your business?

Lures Work For More Than Just Pokemon

Within Pokemon Go you can purchase a Lure. These can be dropped and at that place you will see increased Pokemon activity. And what does increased Pokemon activity mean? Yes, increased visitors. Here’s how it works 1 Download the app and create an account. 2. Purchase a Lure for just $2

Pokemon Go Lure
A Pokemon Go Lure is a cheap way to attract customers.



Choose your times wisely and let people know before hand, then take pictures and post them to your social media.   Time will tell if Pokemon Go is a fad, But while it’s popular it can be one of the cheapest advertising methods in your arsenal.