A Personal Note On Brexit and Property Inspection Reports

Normally this site is focused on business marketing, with a specific focus on digital. Current affairs are not really our purview. However the recent triggering of Brexit by the UK government has in its turn triggered me to pen this post.
One of the big impacts of Brexit will be to limit movement of EU citizens in the UK after 2019. I have many colleagues in this industry and many of them are EU citizens resident in the UK or travelling there on a regular basis. I know many of them are now worrying about their future. Stories such as this and this are not reassuring.

The process for obtaining permanent residency in the UK is almost comically difficult. It includes an 87-page form and the provision of every date on which exited or entered the country over a decade along with a UKBA Property Inspection Report and more.

The process of exiting the eu has now begun and it looks like it will not be reversed. Whether Scotland leaves as well or remains in the EU as an independent country is something that remains to be seen. But I felt the need to pen this post to wish my colleagues and friends who are affected the best as they deal with what I think will prove to have been a terrible mistake. I hope we can continue to work together for a long time to come.

Ok, sorry for the interruption, normal service will return soon!